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This page will be used for news updates of interest to our members. Please bookmark this page and make it a habit to check here often to see what's new with the Cassity/Cassidy Family Association!

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We hope you enjoyed reading Jack Elam's Cassity family stories. If they jog the memory of any other "old timers" out there who would like to tell us about life among your Cassidy ancestors, write them down and send them to us and we'll start a regular column in the newsletter.

We now have over 14,000 persons in our C.C.F.A. genealogy database. With the latest update we're getting close to 10,000 persons in the online version of the database (living persons excluded). Please check your particular line to see if you can add or correct anything.

Are you a C.C.F.A. member with your own homepage? We'd be happy to list it on our Links page. Yours does not have to be a genealogy page to be added as a link.

Are you a C.C.F.A. member who would like to make it easier for other Cassity and related surnames researchers to contact you? Let us know which surnames you'd like to be contacted about and we'll list you on our Links page.

We will be glad to send you a report or gedcom of the latest info we have on your Cassidy ancestors. This file will give you additional info that is not shown on the online version of the database. In exchange we ask that you send us any additional info you have on your line.

Attention members who are not descended from the "five brothers" who came to the Bath County, Kentucky area. If you would send us the information, we'd be happy to include in the newsletter and on the website some background on your branch of the Cassidy/Cassady/Casida/Casseday family.

Please take a look at what you've found during your research to see what you could add to our archives! We would very much like to have a photocopy of any records you have... marriage, birth, death records, deeds, wills, probate, other court records, etc. The Archives is a group effort that's meant to make our research easier for us all. If you are looking for a particular document, ask us if we already have it. Eventually, we will put a transcript of all our documents online. Have you checked our Archives page to see what we have there already?

Your comments, questions and constructive criticism is always welcome! Talk back to us, we're all "cousins" here!

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