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Our Cassity/Cassidy Family Association database is a compilation of the genealogy data submitted to us. We have no paid researcher to verify the data, so please check the sources cited and verify the information for yourself. We make no claims that is it 100% accurate and it may never be complete. It will be undergoing constant changes and additions as new members join and new sources and information is discovered. Although data is being entered or changed almost daily it is not possible to update the online data that frequently. Updates are scheduled regularly. Note! For a lot of persons, there is more info available than what is currently shown in the online database, so feel free to ask us about any ancestor you find there. Notice of updates to the database will be announced on the Cassity-Cassidy mail list, the Cassidy-L mail list, the Cassidy-D mail list and posted to the Cassidy message boards. Please bookmark this site so you check back here often!

We invite you to share your data with us so we can add it to the database. Please don't let your branch of the Cassidys be forgotten! Even if you are not a descendant of the "five brothers" please submit it to us anyway because we have expanded our scope to include other Cassidy lines that are descended from pre-Revolutionary immigrants. We now have Cassidys of many different spellings who lived in all the southern states as far west as Texas as well as ones who migrated on to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and elsewhere.

Don't forget to check our contact list of email addresses of your "cousins" and fellow researchers. If you contact a cousin and the two of you fit some genealogy puzzle pieces together, please let us know!

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And don't forget to check alternate spellings of the Cassidy surname!!

Preparing your tree to be added to the database!

Family trees submitted to the Cassity/Cassidy Family Association will be incorporated into the main database. PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCES! If there are no sources cited for your data, your name and email address will be used as the source. If you do not wish to be cited as the source, please enter your real sources before submitting your data. Or if you would prefer your name only be used as the source, please let us know that.

Birth dates must be entered for all persons! There are two reasons for this. The first reason is to enable automatic deletion of info on living persons when creating the database for online use. (Persons born after 1909 are excluded from the online data unless a date of death is also entered.) The second reason is to make it easier to search our database. If we have 16 John Cassitys listed with no birth dates, it makes it much more difficult to tell which is which or if one of them could be yours. So before you submit your data, please check for blank dates of birth and enter a reasonably estimated one.


It is not our intention to show information on living persons in our online database. If you find the name of a person known to you to be alive, PLEASE let us know so we can remove the data immediately!

The Five Brothers!

From the notes of Xenophon Clarence Vickery (1869-1953) we read that his ancestor, David Cassity, came to Kentucky with his four brothers. This is the origin of the phrase "the five brothers" you see used here. We believe these five brothers are: John, William, Peter Jr., David and possibly Daniel.

John Cassity was born c.1745 not known where and died after 1820 in Kentucky. He married Garner Ashby about 1765 in the "South Branch" of Virginia.
William Cassity was born about 1750 probably in Virginia and died after August 1824 in Bath County, Kentucky. He married Nancy Thompson about 1774 in Virginia, probably Augusta County.
Peter Cassity, Jr. was born about 1752 in Virginia and died evidently between 1810 and 1820 in Bath County, Kentucky. His wife's name is unknown.
David Cassity was born about 1755 in Virginia and died about June 1814 in Bath County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Blair about 1777 in Virginia.
Daniel Cassity was born between 1750 and 1760 in Virginia and died before April 1814 in Nicholas County, Kentucky. He married Nelly _____ probably about 1779 in Virginia.

The Sisters!

As is often the case, we have more knowledge of the Cassity men than we do the Cassity women. We have found no will of the father of these brothers which might have listed their sisters too. So most of our evidence so far concerning the sisters is circumstantial. At this date we believe one of the sisters was Rachel Cassity born about 1745, unknown where, and died 1821 in Kentucky, probably Adair County. She married George Breeding about 1765 in Virginia. We also believe Martha Cassity who is said to have married Charles Ratliff and Andrew Trumbo was one of the sisters. It's also very likely that there was a sister named Elizabeth Cassity, called "Hetty", who married Michael Carpenter. Michael and family are found in the Bath County, Kentucky records. One researcher has listed a Cassity female, belonging to this family, said to have married a Michael Yoakum and indeed there is a man of that name found in the same records with our Cassity men both in Virginia and Kentucky. Clearly further research is needed on these families.

Other Cassidys!
Some of the other Cassidy lines we know of are the descendants of Samuel Casseday of Jefferson County, Kentucky; and Abraham Cassada in Mercer and Wayne Counties, Kentucky; and Peter, James, and MichaelCassaday of Rockbridge County, Virginia; and Michael Cassidy of Fleming County, Kentucky and Patrick Cassidy Newry County, Pennsylvania; and BenjaminCassady of Tazewell County, Virginia; and William Cassady of Halifax County, Virginia; and Andrew Cassiday of Montgomery County, Virginia and Levi, Patrick, William, Michael, Alexander and Benjamin Cassady in South Carolina and Alabama. If you are descended from one these Cassidy lines or any other line that was in America before 1800, PLEASE contact us!


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