Contacting other Cassity/Cassidy descendants by email!

These are email addresses of some Cassity/Cassidy descendants who wish to exchange information
(also shown are some of the relevant surnames in their branch)!

You can probably just click on the name in red to send a message to the person.
Linda Cassidy Lewis  (Cassity, Armstrong, Sparks, Aldridge)
Lori Prouty  (Cassity, Brown, Johnson, Clements)
Barbara Cassidy  (Cassity, Armstrong, Trumbo, Tattershall)
Geraldine Dunn  (Cassity, Ellington, Utterback)
Rebecca Cassity El-Kher  (Cassity, Blair, Clements, Eggers)
Kenneth Johnson  (Cassity, Thompson, Armstrong, Fahl/Fall)
Dave Dollard  (Cassity, Breeding, Blair)
Bette Richards  (Cassity, Carrington, Stull)
Jack Elam  (Cassity, Ashby, Brown, Ellington, Moody, Elam
Marilyn Wills Rabens  (Cassity, Carrington, Stull)
Marv Miller  (Cassity, Kersey)
Ric Cassity  (Cassity, Thompson, Armstrong, Trumbo)
Dennis Eisenbeis  (Cassity, Smith, Tattershall)

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